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McKenzie Art Studio Newsletter

About Artist McKenzie


McKenzie is a professional artist whose works span 20 years. She is an Award-winning painter and mixed-media artist. Her work is known and collected World-wide. She is an artist of unique vision and accomplishment. Her work can be viewed in Art Shows, Private Collections, and Galleries in the U.S.A. and abroad.. McKenzie has received many awards throughout the World. She is the first place winner of the Citicorp National Artist Award, the First Ever ARTV Fine Art Awards televised on Bravo Television and the recipient of the Millennial Artists award, to name a few.

"The Hollywood Charity Artist":

McKenzie has been called the "Hollywood Charity Artist" for her tireless work to raise awareness and funds for causes close to her heart using her art as catalyst for change.  She is on a quest to raise $1 Million dollars for various organizations and is well on her way.  Many celebrities collect McKenzie's work and have extensive private collections featuring her original paintings.  McKenzie's newest Tuscany/Italy painting series is sold out with waiting lists up to 2 years.

 Business associations: 

McKenzie’s art is represented in corporate and private collections across the USA and Internationally. She has exhibited in local galleries, regional alternative spaces and national venues. Her work has been shown in New York City, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Sacramento, North Carolina, Washington, DC, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Tasmania. Her work is featured by a New Zealand company on packaging and software. She is also working with Fox Television on a new project to be completed in September. Her painting techniques have been has featured in Art publications coupled by an extensive articles chronicling her career in Art World News and Art Business News . There is a book being published featuring her paintings.  

Visit her Official Website: http://www.mckenzieartstudio.com

McKenzie's background and training:

McKenzie was born in Los Angeles, California. She attended UCLA on a full scholastic and Fine Art scholarship. There she gained a visual vocabulary of form and color in nature. She credits her professors for influencing her strong use of color and her energetic approach to compositional dynamism. McKenzie continues to build on her knowledge of color theory. Her vibrant hues in her latest paintings create an optical vibration in the eye. The added surface textures enrich her boldly painted canvases. McKenzie's study in luminosity and iridescence is visible in these highly evocative compositions. Her themes are diverse. She searches landscape, cityscape and abstract design for structure and movement in her compositions. She has developed a lively approach to painting in the form of brightly hued and textured paintings. She derives inspiration by observing shapes, contrasts of color temperatures, the play of light against dark on shapes, and the endless variety of nature's elemental forces. McKenzie uses a palette rich with saturated colors that gives her abstract paintings an air of excitement, depth, and mystery. "I draw my inspiration from the changing patterns and environments in which I surround myself. Using nature and pure emotion as points of departure, I create forms and shapes- colors and hues- to convey energy and movement. The strokes, layers, colors and rhythms become the theme. I strive for new ways to represent my physical and spiritual sensations in paint. Vibrant and intense color is integral to my compositions. The images are put together in a harmonious sequence to reconstruct the reality of a spectacular world. Energy is the underlying theme of my work." "I strive to paint with honesty those things which move me."

Eco Art her newest venture:


McKenzie was recently diagnosed with a form of LUPUS.  The Doctors believe that the illness was brought on by years of contact with toxic chemicals.  McKenzie has worked 20 years in Art Studios with poor ventilation and solvents used in oil painting and various mixed media. "I would get severe headaches after hours in the studio.  I would come home and the smell was still on my skin."

This illness drove McKenzie to investigate safe GREEN alternatives to creating art.  This has lead her to create theFIRST EVER! LEED (Leadership in Energy Environmental Design) Compliant Art Product in the World . "Green, healthy buildings will be created around the planet and McKenzie's Art work will decorate the walls!", says manager Steven Rice. " The best part of all is that 100% of the profits will be DONATED to Eco Causes!

We will complete the circle!

Please visit www.McKenzieEcoArtStudio.com for more information.


About Artist McKenzie

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